Welcome to Annwn Park. Our aim has always been to breed beautiful & functional Lipizzaner horses endeavoring to produce true to breed archetype progeny. We do not breed for trends. Our key objectives are to produce: Baroque type Lipizzaner horses that are phenotypical of the breed. Lipizzaner horses that move and behave like a Lipizzaner.

They must have breed type, ‘noblesse’, the trademark Lipizzaner movement & trainability. Our horses are registered & accredited with the Australian Lipizzaner registry Inc. with our young stock fully eligible for accreditation. Our stud chooses to be a member of the ALR Inc.who adhere to the European Union mandates, the Piber "Studbook of Origin's" registration criteria and have adopted the evaluation system used by the associations in the U.S.A.

  • Read our December/February 2015-16 Newsletter here
  • The birth of Llamrei ‘Eve’. A Purebred Lipizzaner filly was born on 24.12.2015 to Merlin Favory Pallavicina and 223 Lucca dec. Read more on her page.
  • Tragically we lost 223 Lucca on 20 January 2016. 3 weeks after giving birth to Eve.
  • The 2016 Australian Lipizzaner Registry Inc. Purebred Lipizzaner horse evaluations have been postponed (TBA) due to the sudden death of Dr Jaromir Oulehla. Further details can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/508151232690163/
  • Annwn Park featured in The Horse Magazine February 2016 edition of ‘Made in Australia.

  • Looking for a quality Lipizzaner ? Feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help you find that special horse.   If our stud has nothing available we can certainly assist with contact details for other Lipizzaner breeders.